About the DataMiner Cloud Platform

The DataMiner Cloud Platform (DCP) is a new cornerstone of the DataMiner ecosystem. It consists of various components, which are aimed at empowering, inspiring and supporting people to leverage their DataMiner System and its wealth of features and capabilities, and delivering added-value services for private DataMiner Systems in a seamlessly integrated fashion.

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DataMiner Dojo Community

With this new community website, we want to bring together people from the ICT, broadband and media industry to exchange experiences and knowledge about DataMiner as well as general hot topics in the industry. Our entire Skyline community, which counts well over 300 people, will also be using Dojo as their primary platform to publish and share information and knowledge. Anything there is to know about DataMiner, as well as related industry topics, will be consolidated on this platform. As a result, we can ensure that knowledge can flow more easily and generously than ever, between the many experts that we have and whoever needs it across the worldwide DataMiner community and even the industry in general, as the community will also be accessible for guests.

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DataMiner Live Data Sharing Service

As a first added-value service, this cloud service will empower anybody with a DataMiner System to share select live operational data with anybody in the world, with just a single click, in a professionally secured, scalable, on-demand manner. This innovative service will allow DataMiner System owners to share live dashboards on the fly. In the meantime, we are working on further extending this service with a lot of other exciting features and capabilities. NOTE: This feature will also require the proper DataMiner version on your private DataMiner platform, supporting the DataMiner Cloud Connection.

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DataMiner Catalog

This catalog is destined to become our new central repository for all kinds of components that can facilitate and accelerate the use of DataMiner for anybody. While the first version will start by allowing you to browse our driver database, we are working hard to add more types of components (such as dashboards, visual overview graphics, automation scripts, etc.). In the near future, we also intend to enable single-click deployment from the cloud catalog to your DataMiner System.

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DataMiner Project Collaboration

This new graphical online user interface will allow you to manage all the projects and professional services that you order from Skyline. It enables you to keep track of all deliverables and their status, and to collaborate with Skyline’s deploy and create squads more easily and efficiently than ever before.

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Note that this is only our initial MVP launch, with a first version of several modules.